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Going Deep: Long Traditional Stories Retreat

Three long traditional stories in evening concerts.

Three intense workshops about the stories. Afternoons free.

Community. Conversation. Connection.

Delicious meals.




Long traditional stories are like a hearty meal in a fast-food world.

During the Going Deep Retreat you’ll feast on a great story banquet, with three epic tales and three three-hour workshops (oh, we love that magic number).

New in 2012: Going Wide, a performance on the fourth evening, with shorter stories on epic themes.

Join us for three full days of stories, workshops, community, delicious food, laughter, and relaxation.

Going Deep2012 Registration Form

Founded by Liz Warren, Olga Loya and Priscilla Howe, in conjunction with Scheherezade’s Legacy, Going Deep offers depth, substance, and a rich, filling storytelling experience.


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